Patek Philippe 5303R-001 Mini Refurbished Tourbillon

Patek Philippe 5303R-001 Minute Repeater Tourbillon Tourbillon watch, as the name suggests, has two high complexity. Usually, hammers and gongs are placed on one side of the dial so that the wearer can watch animated glasses accompanied by a chime sequence. Angus Davies briefly introduced what makes the minute repeater the most challenging complication.

Talk to most watchmakers and they will regard the minute repeater timing as the most challenging complex function in the execution process. The minute repeater can be traced back to some time before street lighting. The wearer usually cannot read the night time, so the “slide” on the pocket watch can be activated and the current time can be heard.

The time on the pocket watch is the ringtones in the following order: the hour of the first hammer and gong (bass), two quarters of the hammer and gong (two tones), and finally, the second hammer and the quarter of the minute sound. Gong (treble). When striking a quarter, there will be a small gap between the two hammers, which adds to the charm of this complex function.

Usually, the gong is made of steel and hit with a hammer. The striking mechanism is very complicated and requires special-shaped racks, snails, cams and wheels. The most challenging part of making a minute repeater is related to the gong. The steel wire is usually shaped into a circle according to the contour of a circular watch case. The gong is heated repeatedly to harden the metal and then quenched. By the way, the internal design of the shell is designed to optimize the sound of the chime sequence.

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For many years, Patek Philippe‘s gongs have been purchased from Henri-Daniel Piguet. Piguet quenches the gong with cold water, which passes through springs near the horse ranch and paddock. This water inevitably contains horse urine, which is said to improve the quality of Biotec gongs. Maison continues to have production facilities in the area.

Once two gongs are produced, they must be tuned. This requires removing literally micrometers from the steel surface. You must be extremely careful when performing this task, because the gong has taken many days to produce. If too much material is removed, the gong must be discarded. When both gongs are completed, they are fixed to the basic movement and the case with the “plot”. This will keep the two gongs in place to ensure they never touch.

Looking closely at the movement of the new Patek Philippe 5303R-001 minute repeater tourbillon, you will find that the brand’s Calatrava logo is located on the top of the centrifugal governor to ensure that all the strikes of the gong have the same duration.

Finally, the Patek Philippe 5303R-001 minute repeater tourbillon, as the name suggests, includes a tourbillon, which is another highly complex function. The device reduces the adverse effects of gravity on the regulating organs, and therefore improves the accuracy. This incredible timepiece perfectly demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship of this historic Maison.

Patek Philippe has become one of the talented interpreters of time music since the first pocket watch with a minute repeater (1845). This extraordinary expertise stands out even among the most extraordinary products, such as an astronomical tourbillon fashion replica watches with a cathedral gong with a minute repeater function or a Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime with five chronograph functions, including two Products with global patents.

The manufacturer also offers a wide selection of regularly produced minute repeaters, watches with classic or cathedral gongs, and models with minute repeaters, with or without other complications (perpetual calendar, tourbillon, world time, chronograph) table). But Patek Philippe has never made a minute repeater with a timekeeping device, which is visible on the side of the dial.

referee. 5303 will be a limited edition watch worldwide on the occasion of the “Singapore Watch Art Exhibition” in 2019.

Now, make a slight modification to Ref. The 5303 minute repeater tourbillon has become part of the current Patek Philippe series. For enthusiasts asking questions about timepieces, this new complication is eye-catching because of its open structure without the traditional dial. There is no need to remove the ladies replica watches from the wrist to appreciate the repeater mechanism (for the first time using a hammer and gong).

This is a further embodiment of Patek Philippe’s customer-centric development philosophy. Transparency also applies to the tourbillon: the back of the case can be seen under the seconds dial at 6 o’clock. In this truly perfect structure, the lightweight steel parts gleam against the background of rose gold plated panels.

The aesthetics of the hand-wound movement R TO 27 PS has been cleverly modified to emphasize its appeal. For example, certain components are perforated, which is a common phenomenon of bone movement. Of course, Patek Philippe also used the tradition of hand-winding movement parts: it decorated the plate with Geneva round texture, painted the grooves with exquisite decoration, and decorated the hammer with a round satin finish.

The unique rose gold case is decorated with a wide, curved and polished bezel, as well as white gold inlays, decorated with leaf carvings, adding luster to the strap and strap lugs. The platinum sliding cover on the side of the left case activates the minute repeater and has the same pattern. The hour hand is a black lacquered sapphire crystal rim with rose gold pink markings. The movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal caseback and framed in platinum. Its hollow decoration echoes the case and repeater slider.

The wonderful courses in watchmaking artistry, elegance and handcrafted finishing complement the typical sounds of Patek Philippe minute repeater timepieces. Like every Patek Philippe minute repeater timepiece, the manufacturer’s president Thierry Stern has carefully evaluated the melody of this time.

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Manual winding. Caliber R TO 27 PS. Minute repeater with chime on two classic gongs. Tourbillon. Small seconds.
Transparent sapphire, black hour circle with minute markers printed in white and golden powdered dots.
Rose gold. Sapphire crystal case back. UV-protected sapphire crystal glass. Humidity- and dust-protected only (not water-resistant). Diameter: 42 mm. Height: 12.13 mm.
Alligator leather with square scales, hand-stitched, shiny black. Fold-over clasp.