Richard Mille Felipe Massa sapphire crystal watch

Nice RICHARD MILLE Replica Watch RM 56-02 SAPPHIRE

Richard Mille was a very young luxury fake watch brand in 2005, but given the fiercely competitive atmosphere, it showed great promise to a large extent. Richard Mille pursued ultra-complexity and worked closely with the world of high-performance racing machines, quickly becoming the leader of ultra-luxury sports watches in terms of design and price. Also released in 2005 the iconic replica Richard Mille RM011 and the larger Felipe Massa (Felipe Massa) watch series.

10 years later, Richard Mille RM011 and other Richard Mille Felipe Massa (Richard Mille Felipe Massa) watches have become an indispensable part of the brand and the luxury sports watch field. As part of the tenth anniversary of the relationship between Richard Mille and racing driver Felipe Massa, the brand will release two limited edition timepieces, including this super sturdy Richard ·Miller (Richard Mille) RM056, its full sapphire crystal transparent case.

This is not the first time Richard Mille has produced a sapphire crystal case watch, nor is it the first time they have produced a sapphire crystal case Richard Mille RM056 Felipe Massa watch. In fact, the first Richard Mille watch launched in 2012 is a case made entirely of carefully ground synthetic sapphire crystal, which is the RM056 version.

Three years later, in terms of consumer cost (and exclusivity), the sapphire crystal case watch has become one of Richard Mille’s top products, each with a price much higher than $1 million . To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Richard Mille and Felipe Massa, another limited edition Richard Mille RM056 chronograph tourbillon watch will be launched.

Some thoughts on sapphire crystal as a case material. Sapphire crystal is mainly used in luxury watches as the “crystal” material on the dial. Synthetic sapphire is used because it can grow, can be transparent, can be milled (cut), and is very hard. In fact, apart from diamonds, almost nothing is harder than sapphire crystal. Hardness is important because sapphire crystals need to be scratch resistant. Because the sapphire crystal is so hard, it is also difficult to process. Processing sapphire crystal requires special cutting tools, and most sapphire crystals in watches are round.

The process used to produce sapphire crystals that fit the dial surface is different from the process used to precisely cut other shapes of sapphire (such as watch cases). A special type of CNC milling machine is used to cut sapphire crystals. My understanding is that because the material is very hard, it is necessary to change the cutting tool as metal more frequently than when using a CNC machine to cut more traditional case materials. In addition, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) claims that grinding each sapphire crystal case requires 430 hours of work, while polishing the main parts requires 350 hours of work.

A common complaint among collectors about sapphire crystal cases is that they don’t look very valuable. People often marvel at the fact that Richard Mille’s sapphire crystal case seems to be made of plastic. Indeed, Richard Mille’s sapphire crystal watches, unlike more common luxury materials (such as gold), do not convey the same direct sense of “wealth”. That being said, the touch of these watches is not cheap and provides a very smooth, refined touch (completely different from plastic).

For anyone other than Richard Mille or one of their customers, even using a rare sapphire crystal case watch is actually a rare experience. I think I am lucky to be able to handle one of these exotic watch styles. Although the price of more than one million dollars continues to surprise me, I understand very well why Richard Mille’s special sapphire crystal case watches are in the market.

2015 Richard Mille RM056 retains some fresh colors and Felipe Massa’s personal logo on the dial of the previous version. In addition to the transparent wine barrel case and hollow dial and movement, this RM056 watch is also available in blue, yellow and red. However, its core is the pinnacle of the Felipe Massa Popular fake watch series: Richard Mille (Richard Mille) caliber RM 056 tourbillon chronograph mechanical movement.

With zoom in, one can begin to understand why Richard Mille’s “wrist high-performance machine” is so priced. Although the concept behind Richard Mille watches is absolutely modern, there is a deep respect for the long-standing watchmaking tradition-some brands are keen on details, as can be seen. Although Richard Mille’s watches may not suit your taste, you can’t deny that few brands (none of them have a modern design sense) match their finishing and details.

The RM 056 movement is a unique mechanism composed of more than 500 parts. The movement is extremely complex, with a 30-minute seconds chronograph, torque indicator, power reserve indicator and tourbillon for the balance wheel and adjustment system. Watching the movement is always spectacular, it in many ways fully reflects the fascination of many people for mechanical clocks. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) limited edition RM056 10th Anniversary Felipe Massa Best quality swiss and japanese replica watches.