Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko Spring Drive “Snowflake” SBGA211: On the “Brightman” high-strength titanium bracelet. Case, Brightman titanium, 41mm x 12.5mm, with Zaratsu polishing. Movement, Grand Seiko Spring Drive movement 9R65, 72-hour power reserve. The maximum rated deviation per day is ±1 second. Wearing snowflakes is also an exercise to achieve blameless functions. The case and bracelet are Seiko’s “high-strength” titanium metal, which has the lightness, comfort and hypoallergenicity of titanium, but has better scratch resistance. Although the bevel and bezel of the case are polished brightly, you don’t have to worry about scratches on this watch, so even if you wear Seiko’s large diameter case (the case is 41mm x 12.5mm), it will not wear out and is comfortable to wear. – After adjustment, it fits my 7-inch wrist slightly, and it is almost inconspicuous unless I happen to need to check the time or date.

In terms of competition, it has been a particularly interesting year at this price point, and many manufacturers have done their best to provide as attractive watches as possible at a price of $6,000 or less-so many that we do not Don’t feel difficult. All of these will be summarized in a quick survey in July last year. The lineup includes Tudor’s first chronograph and Breitling’s new movement. The always reliable Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and of course the snowflake itself. However, in the true sense, Spring Drive Snowflake has no competition-at least no competition in terms of competing with other watches that use similar technical methods. Christopher Walken should say: “In my career, I am very lucky. In Hollywood, if you want the type of Christopher Walken, you almost have to hire Christopher Walken. ).” Similarly, if you want Spring Drive, you almost have to get Spring Drive. There are almost no spring drivers.

I think at the current price (SBGA211), this is one of the most satisfactory watches at the moment. Yes, as you requested, it has excellent objectivity in pursuing the actual interests of the owner. Seiko officially set the accuracy as one second per day, but interestingly, the owners of Seiko Spring Drive generally believe that the accuracy is much better-usually an order of magnitude better. It is easy to wear day after day. And reading time will not be a temporary matter-even in the case of very low light, due to the inclined surface and highly reflective surface of the hand and index finger, you would think that some kind of luminescent material is essential. The time is short. However, at the same time, you can also appreciate it technically on behalf of the watch. It takes some time to understand Spring Drive, but it is worth mentioning how it differs from traditional quartz and standard mechanical watches, if you find the technical achievements and innovations of independent timekeeping interesting (that is, since 1969 Since Seiko introduced the quartz replica watch, Spring Drive is one of the most interesting developments.

However, the place where snowflakes really win people’s hearts is its design and aesthetics, which have won people’s hearts for the past ten years. The excellent fit and finish you can expect from Grand Seiko is a big part of it, but like any truly successful design object, the whole is far more than the sum of its parts, and it is a design object with a unique design. As the heart of the Japanese, Spring Drive Snowflake should be the favorite of Seiko Seiko fans. Grand Seiko is known as a high-quality symbol in the watch enthusiast world, and in the fake Grand Seiko family, Snowflake stands out as a symbol that successfully incorporates many of the qualities that make Grand Seiko so attractive-if you will.