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Manual operation of HYT H3 with linear fluid time display

This watch puts the timeline in the timetable.

In the chaotic modern luxury watch market, having a product that allows you to stand out from the competition will never bring you any harm, and HYT has its own position in almost all watchmaking fields. The company’s iconic design element is its liquid time display, which attracted almost everyone’s attention when it debuted in 2012. From a practical point of view, the idea of ​​using liquid to display time is of course absurd, but it is even more important for modern high-end timepieces-many of them involve actively exploring new technologies and materials as performance advantages and providing new ones Opportunity for creativity – it looks and looks very cool. Since then, HYT has not only succeeded with its highly personalized first design, but also continues to expand its visual and technical language.

In 2015, HYT launched the largest and most complicated watch at the time: H3. The previous HYT replica model (and all subsequent HYT models) also used a round tube and bellows system to display fluid time. The bellows system inputs colored fluid to one end of the tube and transparent fluid to the other end. The meniscus between the two liquids marks the point at which the hours are read. This is a very clever technique-obviously, the two liquids must be made of liquids that will not mix, not only that, they will not mix even after multiple uses. The degree of expansion and contraction of each frame must also match exactly.

H3 uses the same basic bellows system, but arranged in a straight line. Like the circular HYT model, you can read the hours of the meniscus between two fluids. You can see the two bellows above the tube, located on the far left and right. Below the tube is a quadrilateral strip. On the bar, there are six rectangles on each side, and if you do mathematical calculations, it is 6 x 4 = 24: this is where you read the hours. At the end of each six-hour cycle, two things happen: the rod rotates a quarter of a circle to display the numbers for the next six hours, and the liquid is reset-this is a complication of liquid refresh hours.

In keeping with the reverse theme, the reverse minute display is also displayed below the hour bar-the direction is also linear; therefore, at the top of every six hours, you will see the minute hand jump back to 00 and the hour bar rotated by a quarter Circle, and the fluid in the tube returns to the zero position, which is a trick. Generally speaking, a watch that has to jump three things at the same time will greatly increase the burden of the clockwork and draw juice from the escapement and balance devices. In this case, it must bring considerable engineering challenges ( Other swiss HYT watches have a traditional center second hand). .

Contrasting with all the high-tech watchmaking technology, the balance wheel and its rim with balance wheel form an interesting contrast. Obviously, this is not your favorite watch, because it is a classic expression of traditional Swiss watch design, or a tool for all finishes related to high-end watch decoration-instead, it is an exploration of possible art, using only traditional watches Design and manufacturing methods are absolutely impossible. In the clearest sense, this is a concept film-of course, almost everything HYT does is a concept table. Some people think that the whole brand is a conceptual brand, in a sense, it is a specific idea.

But H3 takes this concept to a special extreme: on the one hand, it is to celebrate its own complexity, on the other hand it is for its own difficulty in execution. In a way, seeing someone mess around with eight running chainsaws is the same pleasure you get-it’s hard to imagine it going on. This may be because HYT has been more involved in its fluid display reductionist approach in recent months-watches such as HYT H0 are a good example. https://www.fanreviewwatch.com

The prerequisite for a super watch is an extra-large size; the H3 measures 62mm x 41mm, which is not only much larger than any traditional watch-its volume is so large that it is almost impossible to wear from a practical point of view. It is an extraordinary feeling to wear it. You will feel as if you have put on props from a retro science fiction movie. This is a very rare field-in a huge situation shows a unique mechanism to enhance the visual effect. In most of the history of watchmaking, this method has existed in one form or another-for example, I think the automata clock in the British Museum appears on the dining table in the form of a ship and then stops during the meal And it fires cannons automatically; although there are countless obvious differences, what it has in common with H3 is that they are extravagant, let’s see how much we can do this exercise in a certain mechanical arrogance. It’s easy to complain that such watches are too big, unreadable, too expensive (whatever you mean), or what you mean, but that’s the point. H3 has no interest in pursuing the same as ordinary watches. To steal a phrase, it has the same thing as a fearless rubber duck in common with a regular watch.

Exclusivity For this type of product, the great advantage lies in the proprietary – of course, the cutting-edge concept table is an expensive proposition; HYT H3, I hope that potential customers will encounter such as Richard Mille, Greubel-Forsey, Cartier (Cartier) Really complex high-end products, and even none like Jacob (Jacob & Co.) completely grows on the tree. Despite this, H3 will remain a rare bird for the foreseeable future – HYT stated that they always have at least one species of bird globally at any given time, so I don’t have to worry about encountering it on your local Redbar Crew Other people (or for that matter, anywhere else). Personally, I have a big weakness for this kind of thing-although I admire the minimalist version of this complication, for H3, it is such an attractive and straightforward Gonzo that makes me difficult resist.