Exclusive-U-shaped ship-New in 2020

U-BOAT DARKMOON 44 SS 8463 Replica Watch

Brand U-BOAT


Model 8463

Movement quartz

Case stainless steel,Round

Diameter 44 mm

Gender Men

Bracelet leather

Watch Clasp Steel tongue buckle

Glass Sapphire Crystal

Dial Color Black

FUNCTIONS hours, minute

Water resistant 50 mt, 5 ATM

Year 2020

Okay, this is very exciting and humble. Our good friends on U-Boat have provided our Andrew Michaels jewelers with pre-sale channels for the latest works. Nine new Capsoils and five new Lady’s models.

Capsoil was originally released as a four-piece set in November 2018. Two chronograph-only stainless steel or DLC watches and two chronographs are made of stainless steel or DLC cases (respectively 8110, 8108, 8111 and 8109). These radical new timepieces have one major difference compared to all other U-shaped ships, the case is filled with grease. Unlike Bell and Ross Hydromax filled with oil to make it able to withstand the deepest pressure in the ocean of 11,000 meters, Capsoils uses oil and curved sapphire glass to create a unique aesthetic effect that the wearer can take from an incredible acute angle Watch the watch. Just like the dial is printed on the bottom of sapphire glass. The edge of the dial is in a state of continuous visual chaos (or TurmOil?). It is unique in that it is distracting.

As I mentioned in my previous article, making round sapphire crystals is difficult and expensive. The crystals are grown in long tubes and then cut into individual discs required for each watch. This process makes it suitable for flat glass. Historically, glass is a hard-molded crystal or similar and can be molded. This process makes it suitable for round glass. The new Capsoils released this year feature mineral glass. Therefore, for the above reasons, you can expect the price of the original Capsoils to drop. This time there is also a bronze PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) model! It can only be assumed that U-Boat replica can perfect the refueling situation, so as to do this.

Despite the incredible price drop, all new Capsoil models are equipped with the Swiss Rhonda 712.3 movement, which is equipped with an oil bath, 38mm or 44mm diameter case, screwed back cover, curved mineral glass and 50m Waterproof performance. Most of the original specifications, plus all the charm and features, only cost half of the money.

Whether you think my usual article is a learned article or a mediocre joke, they exist for the purpose. In order to educate and motivate readers to buy legitimate luxury watches. However, U-Boat did all the hard work for me. It only takes five words: Shanda essential oil.

When I first saw U-1001, I immediately fell in love with it. I think this is a bold design element, a combination of simple and large case and exquisite details. It’s no surprise when you find this watch has an Italian tradition. The 3D dial has a raised U-1001 logo and a concave digital appearance, which is very eye-catching. Each element has considerable design and detail input.

The diver’s watch market is difficult to enter and successfully enter the market. It is full of universal designs that have not changed much since the early 1950s. U-1001 could not be conceived and produced in the 1950s. It is so modern, yet its relatively simple appearance can be a classic. This unique timepiece can be recognized immediately. In this way, it will always have evangelists and critics. I certainly fit the former.

U-1001 also feels just right. It has a rare feeling, and at the same time has a firm, strong and comfortable feeling.

I initially thought that the diver’s lack of rotation was a bit inadequate, but now I like the clean appearance of the bezel, which may be due to the details of the rest of the watch. U-1001 did change the diver’s watch design, while retaining the basic attributes that allow access to this type.

If you want a diving fake watches uk that reflects the wishes of most male watch collectors, then U-1001 will provide truly unique products in an over-expanded market. Each example can only make 1,001 facts, which makes them more convincing.

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 1 watch

Harry Winston OPUS 12 watch OPUMHM46WW001

Harry Winston replica attracted the help of several designers and watchmakers to make his latest collection. This series is unique in that its watches are dedicated to exploring the functions of Tourbillion. The first and this instant watch in this series is the No. 1 Harry Winston Historic Tourbillon.

Histoire De Tourbillon 1 is limited to 20 pieces. The tourbillon has a large case with a diameter of 48 mm. The case is made of 18k white gold and Zalium, which is the exclusive metal used by Harry Winston. This aluminum and zirconium alloy is lightweight and very suitable for use on replica watches. In addition to having a low density, the zirconium-based alloy also has good heat resistance and durability. At the front of the case and covering the dial is a striking sapphire crystal, which is large and domed, giving the entire watch a very unique look. This replica watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

Inside the case is a double tourbillon concept, designed to improve accuracy and visual appeal. The copy watch has two 25-degree tilted single-axis tourbillons that can be rotated quickly for 36 seconds, thereby counteracting the effects of gravity. The entire system consists of 88 components, and each tourbillon system weighs only 0.46 grams.

The angled dual single-axis tourbillon can be observed through the dial. The carved features and the reflected light on the bas-relief bridge create a fascinating movement illusion. Ruby gem bearings are also exposed. The hour and minute hands of the dial are yellow and easy to read because they stand out against the busy background. The front dial on the dial shows hour and minute marks, and the rear dial shows overtime, minutes and seconds. All functions are excellent and tightly combined to make a dial.