Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 1 watch

Harry Winston OPUS 12 watch OPUMHM46WW001

Harry Winston replica attracted the help of several designers and watchmakers to make his latest collection. This series is unique in that its watches are dedicated to exploring the functions of Tourbillion. The first and this instant watch in this series is the No. 1 Harry Winston Historic Tourbillon.

Histoire De Tourbillon 1 is limited to 20 pieces. The tourbillon has a large case with a diameter of 48 mm. The case is made of 18k white gold and Zalium, which is the exclusive metal used by Harry Winston. This aluminum and zirconium alloy is lightweight and very suitable for use on replica watches. In addition to having a low density, the zirconium-based alloy also has good heat resistance and durability. At the front of the case and covering the dial is a striking sapphire crystal, which is large and domed, giving the entire watch a very unique look. This replica watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

Inside the case is a double tourbillon concept, designed to improve accuracy and visual appeal. The copy watch has two 25-degree tilted single-axis tourbillons that can be rotated quickly for 36 seconds, thereby counteracting the effects of gravity. The entire system consists of 88 components, and each tourbillon system weighs only 0.46 grams.

The angled dual single-axis tourbillon can be observed through the dial. The carved features and the reflected light on the bas-relief bridge create a fascinating movement illusion. Ruby gem bearings are also exposed. The hour and minute hands of the dial are yellow and easy to read because they stand out against the busy background. The front dial on the dial shows hour and minute marks, and the rear dial shows overtime, minutes and seconds. All functions are excellent and tightly combined to make a dial.