HYT Skull Titanium Green

Still life will never stand still. Like the elements in one of the unforgettable paintings,replica HYT SKULL 48.8 thought of Carpe Diem.

This unique timepiece constantly reminds us of the importance of grasping the second hand, highlighting the passage of time in the use of liquids. It focuses on the power of the moment, the panacea of ​​life.

The fascinating protagonist of the fascinating passage of time is the skull-shaped capillary. Patented fluid modules and unique mechanical movements make this a reality. Colored liquids symbolize reflection, while transparent symbols hold reservations about the future.

Their meniscus pints accurately describe life now. The wide eyes on the Skull 48.8 dial deliberately intimidated, prompting onlookers to carefully observe how they spent time. Behind the left eye is a rotating disc, which represents a precious moment that gradually fades from darkness to paleness every second. Putting time on the important momentum center stage, the calculation of minutes will be moved to the background, so that no minute hand is needed.

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Light and colored plays played an auxiliary role in Skull 48.8’s play.

As each shadow flows around the skull to represent the elapsed life, it expands its contrasting effect on the monochrome backing of the galvanized dial and titanium case. This deliberate tension fascinates the eyes, just like the effect of light on the untreated modern gray surface that has been treated differently.

It is the gray fabric belt in the structure that matches the color tone that confirms the color coding force.

Technical index



-Titanium, satin and sandblasting

-Diameter: 48,8mm

Height: 17.9mm

-Titanium hour bezel

-Screw-in titanium crown with black rubber sheath

-Titanium crown

-Titanium dome

-Sapphire crystal glass dome with anti-reflective coating on the side of the dial

-Screw-in bottom cover, sapphire crystal

-Waterproof: 100M


-Mechanical manual winding

-Exclusive HYT movement

-28,800 VPH

-4 Hz

-35 jewelry

-Hand-chamfered bridge and decorated with “Geneva Ripple”

-Rhodium-plated bellows

-Power reserve: 65H


-Green varnish opaque skull

-Anthracite gray galvanized coating, surface micro-spray treatment

-Second indicator (left eye)

-Power reserve indicator (right eye)

Buckle and strap

-Grey technical fabric with grey stitches

-Green rubber core

-Titanium folding buckle

Richard Mille luxury cheap watches

Richard Mille Replica Watch RM 025 Diver 525.45.91 Tourbillon

We are not sure whether Richard Mille swiss will try to compete fairly, but its introduction of new works for men and women will certainly satisfy everyone.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) provides men with RM67-01 replica racing style auto winder.

Unlike most other brands that usually use ultra-thin timepieces to ensure safety, this product equates “slim” with “safe”. This 7.75mm height product is smooth enough to slide under the cuff of a business shirt while It ’s also beautiful enough (after all, this is Richard Mille ’s second reaction to acquaintances. The skeletonized self-winding movement uses a titanium case with a 50-hour power reserve and a three-step function selector-” W “(winding),” D “(date) and” H “(manual setting) – inspired by the car’s gearbox.

To attract ladies, Richard Mille launched the RM07-02 pink ladies sapphire self-winding watch. The products removed from the previous sapphire-made case styles (for example, the male models RM56-01 and RM56-02) have the same function. They are carefully crafted cases but use pink sapphires. For those who do n’t know, a special machine is needed to mill the sapphire case from a single block, and the entire process can take up to 40 days. The demand is worth it, especially in this design has been enhanced, and set with a diamond-set gold bridge and dial flange.

Richard Mille Replica Watch RM56-01 Sapphire 544.52.91

Pharrell Williams x Richard Mille replica watches do not belong to this world

Pharrell Williams and Richard Mille teamed up to create the new RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams. Just glance at the watch to know that space is the inspiration behind it. There is an astronaut on its face looking from Mars to the earth. This vision can only be achieved temporarily through artistic expression.

For the replica watch mechanic, it has a manual winding tourbillon movement with the RM52-05 movement. Flip the watch, you can glance at the movement and the bottom plate. For the bottom plate, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) uses a grade 5 titanium alloy, the material is often used in the aerospace and aviation industry. The blue Venus glass can also be seen through the back of the watch, which is similar to space.

2020 Bremont Project Limited Edition

Brand: Bremont
Model: Project May

Diameter: 43mm
Thickness: 16mm
Case material: Titanium (Ti 6-4, aviation grade) and bronze
Dial color: blue
Index: applied
Lightfastness: Yes
Water resistance: 500 meters
Strap / Bracelet: 22mm khaki leather strap (Nimes-style striped NATO is optional)

Movement: Bremont BE-93-2AV (basic ETA 2893-2)
Functions: hour, minute, second, date, independent 24-hour hand for second time zone
Diameter: 25.60mm
Power reserve: ~ 42 hours
: Automatic winding
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Jewels: 21
Chronograph certification: COSC according to ISO 3159

A limited-edition GMT dive best fake watch in honor of the incredible and devastating climb of the world’s highest peak by Nims Purja.

Those who work with Bremont replica, the mountaineering community, or some small podcast already know Nirmal “Nims” Purja. Nimes is the ambassador of Bremont, a former Gurkha soldier and a British Special Forces operator, and the record holder for climbing all fourteen eight-kilometer peaks in the world in the shortest time. Before Nims completed the “Bremont Project Possibility”, it was widely regarded as the crown of mountaineering, with a current record of more than 8 years. Nims did this in less than 7 months (and set another 6 world records in the process; you can read more here).

To commemorate this feat and their participation as the main sponsor of the “possible plan”, Bremont has just announced a new limited-edition GMT version of the S500 dive watch, using a special combination of titanium and bronze.

Although Nims broke the regular record, he wore a blue and white Bremont S300 dive wholesale replica watch, but this new LE is based on the brand’s 43mm S500 dive watch and uses a format similar to the previous S500 GMT limited edition, such as Terra Nova and Endurance (the latter was created after the polar explorer Ambassador Bremont and the all-round badass Ben Saunders completed the “Scott Adventure”, during which he and the tower Tarka L’Herpiniere traces Scott’s 1,795-mile route from the South Pole to the South Pole-and then back).

For possible LE projects, Bremont chose an aviation-grade Ti 4-6 titanium case with a bronze bezel (Braymont’s first use of bronze) and blue ceramic inserts. With a matching blue dial, bronze hands, yellow dubbing, and a subtle application of the “possible item” logo, “possible item LE” is yet another interesting and handsome expression of the unique design of the S500.

The S500 is the first Bremont I’ve encountered and the first I’ve reviewed (almost a decade ago). In the past nine years, although my taste is biased against many watches of Bremont’s 43mm core series, I still think that the S500 is indeed an impressive and beautifully executed diving watch. Yes, it is thick and wider in width, but it is also very hard and looks elegant, unlike other products on the market. For this LE, although I usually don’t like two-tone watches, the combination of blue dial, bronze bezel and titanium case works well. From a direct perspective, the bronze color is very subtle.

Although the model I took for these photos was a pre-production prototype with a non-production bottom cover, the final retail version will have a titanium display bottom cover with a view of the rotor that lists Nims for every 14 mountains The height is scaled according to the recording time. Limited, this is certainly not Bremont’s entry-level product, but it does adopt a sturdy design and continues to adopt a special GMT format to celebrate its feat of exploration and adventure-equipped with the