Rallyedes Légendes Richard Mille 2019

The most beautiful spectacle produced by the world’s automobile industry roared on the French road celebrating the “French Art of Life”.chrono4usale.co

Rédedes Légendes Richard Mille (Richard des Légendes) Richard Mille (Richard Mille) will play on the three-day star route, and every night, it will bring the participants back to the central city.

Régendes Richard Mille (Richard des Légendes) Richard Mille (Richard Mille) has a simple ambition to bring together the best and rarest cars among the most spectacular roads and landscapes in Europe. The first edition of 2018 showcased the spectacular background of Provence, emphasizing everything related to French style. This year’s version is in southern Spain, dancing over the Pyrenees.

Between October 29 and November 2, the event organizer Peter Auto showed the most spectacular car in the world. Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Bugattis, Ford GT40 and Shelby Cobra Daytonas, Ferrari, Jaguar, Matras, Maserati Mercedes and Porsche are all idols in our collective imagination And it must be the most beautiful car ever.

According to its historical value and extraordinary quality, 50 models from 1925 to 1975 will be selected. But this is by no means competition. Régendes Richard Mille (Richard des Légendes) Richard Mille (Rallye des Légendes) Richard Mille (Richard Mille) is committed to achievement and proud of technical performance.richard mille sapphire watch replica

Like last year, the area itself is a star, and drivers and participants have discovered many of its charms and qualities. Traveling at least 250 kilometers a day, participants will not only see the magnificent view of the area, but also taste some gourmet dishes prepared by extraordinary chefs.

Peter Otter always works with best Richard Mille. The two shared their passion for elegance and cars, not only at this event, but also at the Le Mans Classics dedicated to classic cars and the Chantilly art and elegance Richard Mille .


HYT Skull Titanium Green

Still life will never stand still. Like the elements in one of the unforgettable paintings,replica HYT SKULL 48.8 thought of Carpe Diem.

This unique timepiece constantly reminds us of the importance of grasping the second hand, highlighting the passage of time in the use of liquids. It focuses on the power of the moment, the panacea of ​​life.

The fascinating protagonist of the fascinating passage of time is the skull-shaped capillary. Patented fluid modules and unique mechanical movements make this a reality. Colored liquids symbolize reflection, while transparent symbols hold reservations about the future.

Their meniscus pints accurately describe life now. The wide eyes on the Skull 48.8 dial deliberately intimidated, prompting onlookers to carefully observe how they spent time. Behind the left eye is a rotating disc, which represents a precious moment that gradually fades from darkness to paleness every second. Putting time on the important momentum center stage, the calculation of minutes will be moved to the background, so that no minute hand is needed. fanreviewwatch.com

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Light and colored plays played an auxiliary role in Skull 48.8’s play.

As each shadow flows around the skull to represent the elapsed life, it expands its contrasting effect on the monochrome backing of the galvanized dial and titanium case. This deliberate tension fascinates the eyes, just like the effect of light on the untreated modern gray surface that has been treated differently.

It is the gray fabric belt in the structure that matches the color tone that confirms the color coding force.

Technical index



-Titanium, satin and sandblasting

-Diameter: 48,8mm

Height: 17.9mm

-Titanium hour bezel

-Screw-in titanium crown with black rubber sheath

-Titanium crown

-Titanium dome

-Sapphire crystal glass dome with anti-reflective coating on the side of the dial

-Screw-in bottom cover, sapphire crystal

-Waterproof: 100M


-Mechanical manual winding

-Exclusive HYT movement

-28,800 VPH

-4 Hz

-35 jewelry

-Hand-chamfered bridge and decorated with “Geneva Ripple”

-Rhodium-plated bellows

-Power reserve: 65H


-Green varnish opaque skull

-Anthracite gray galvanized coating, surface micro-spray treatment

-Second indicator (left eye)

-Power reserve indicator (right eye)

Buckle and strap

-Grey technical fabric with grey stitches

-Green rubber core

-Titanium folding buckle